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João Pessoa

(zhwouN pəsô`ə), city (1991 pop. 497,600), capital of Paraíba state, NE Brazil, at the confluence of the Sanhauá and Paraíba do Norte rivers. Cotton, sugar, and minerals are exported through its port, Cabedelo. Industries in the city produce chemicals, plastics, metals, and electrical goods. The city was established in the late 16th cent. and named (1585) Filipea, in honor of Philip II of Spain and Portugal. During the brief Dutch occupation (17th cent.) it was called Frederickstadt, and, after its reconquest by the Portuguese, Paraíba. Its present name was acquired in 1930, in honor of the state governor who was assassinated in Recife during the VargasVargas, Getúlio Dornelles
, 1883–1954, Brazilian statesman, twice president (1930–45, 1951–54). The popular governor of Rio Grande do Sul (1928–30), he ran for the presidency in 1930, was defeated, charged fraud, and led a successful revolt.
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 revolution. João Pessoa is the site of a state university. The city's Franciscan convent and church are excellent examples of colonial architecture. Nearby are several resort areas.

Joāo Pessoa


a city in northeastern Brazil, on the right bank of the Paraiba River; administrative center of the state of Paraiba. Population, 221,500 (1970). It has a railroad station and is a highway junction. Joao Pessoa, a trade center, is industrialized and has textile and food industries, as well as a large cement plant. The city was founded in 1585.

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Aquamaris" farm, which was represented as F1 farm, is located in the municipality of Joao Pessoa, presented the semi intensive cultivation system, with a density of 15 shrimps [m.
In August, the airline launched 20 new flights to domestic Iocations, including Fortaleza, Joao Pessoa, Natal, and Recife.
The road starts in Joao Pessoa in the east of Brazil.
Na prosa, ha que mencionar o polemico discurso que proferiu no Teatro Santa Rosa, em Joao Pessoa, a 13 de maio de 1909 (data que celebrava 21 anos da abolicao do trabalho escravo no Brasil).
The Cipatex do Nordeste manufacturing facility located in northern Brazil near Joao Pessoa in Paraiba state is utilized for much of the company's export market.
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Anna, who was born in Joao Pessoa in north-east Brazil, says she's always been interested in keeping fit and caught the running bug four years ago.
Jennifer will take her volunteerism to new heights this summer when she travels to Joao Pessoa, Brazil, on an outreach mission to minister to prostitutes, street kids and youths in prisons and orphanages.
The event, which will be held from July 19-25 in the north-eastern city of Joao Pessoa, is divided into five different categories based on the size and characteristics of the robots, organizers said.
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