Joaquín Balaguer

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Balaguer, Joaquín


Born Sept. 1, 1907, in Santiago. Governmental and political figure of the Dominican Republic.

A lawyer by education, Balaguer held diplomatic and government posts from 1932 to 1952. He then was elected to the national congress and served as secretary to the president. Minister of education and the arts from 1955 to 1957, he was vice-president from May 1957 to August 1960 and president from August 1960 to January 1962 (chairman of the Council of State from December 1961 to January 1962). He resigned in January 1962 and emigrated to the USA. Balaguer returned to his country in mid-1965 and became president of the Dominican Republic in July 1966. His policy is pro-American.

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OAS sanctions were lifted January 4, and, after the resignation of President Joaquin Balaguer on January 16, the council under President Rafael E.
Joaquin Balaguer highway, the Highway 5 from Santiago-Navarrete-Puerto Plata-Cabarete toll, the concession for the Maimon Bay Cruise Ship Terminal and the Sociedad Portuaria del Atlantico;
Here, the effect of the intervention was to install the military-backed Joaquin Balaguer and to block the restoration of the previously overthrown elected administration of Juan Bosch.
He began his political career as an advisor to former President Joaquin Balaguer (1960-1962, 1966-1978, 1986-1996) in the 1970s.
Baez's influence was such that at his wedding, former Presidents Joaquin Balaguer and Leonel Fernandez signed the marriage document as witnesses.
One story-line concludes with the restoration of civilian government under President Joaquin Balaguer (one of Trujillo's closest and most trusted aides and a Machiavellian politician of considerable abilities) in the months following the dictator's assassination in 1961.
Joaquin Balaguer Some translations are available; read him understanding he was down with the dictator, Trujillo.
Not long afterward, Ramfis died in a car accident in Madrid--reputedly the work of the CIA and Joaquin Balaguer, the man who would topple Trujillo.
One of the novel's most interesting developments is the emergence of Joaquin Balaguer after Trujillo's assassination.
Ramos with Dominican Republic President Joaquin Balaguer.
President Joaquin Balaguer, meanwhile, declared Thursday a day of national mourning, and churches across the country held services to honor the crash victims.
Joaquin Balaguer greeted a crowd estimated at 15,300 with the grandstand and third-floor jockey club filled to capacity.