turkey one-feathered bird even more destitute than its owner. [Can. and Am. Usage: Brewer Dictionary, 589]
See: Poverty
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Why, that job's what he come to town for, an' we can't lead him to it too quick.
This report highlights the 25 Best Jobs based on each job's overall Glassdoor Job Score.1 The Glassdoor Job Score is determined by weighting three key factors equally: earning potential based on median annual base salary, job satisfaction rating and number of job openings.
Inc., says a given job's timeframe differs significantly with the volume of material being processed--anywhere from one to four months, depending on the size of the job.
However, one factor that can have a profound effect on a given job's time frame aside from material volume is the manpower behind the machine--jobs can go a lot quicker with experienced operators behind the equipment.
The job analysis differs from the job description, in that job descriptions usually appear in narrative form, list the kinds of tasks employees perform, and define the job's place within the organization.
Satan asks God to take away Job's blessings and says his faith will disappear.
God agrees to the scheme, and Satan, measure by measure, takes away Job's possessions and his children and inflicts him with physical suffering.
Job's condition is so pitiful that when friends find him, they remain silent for a week.
To Job's surprise, the Lord responds to him in a storm.
To Job's intense questioning, God basically says, "My reasons are none of your business." The ways of the Lord remain a mystery.
This may be required if a person with a disability can perform a job's essential duties but not other nonessential functions.
For example, a direct support could be modifying the job's hours to part-time initially to provide for a period of adjustment.