Job's comforters

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Job’s comforters

maliciously torment Job while ostensibly attempting to comfort him. [O.T.: Job]
See: Cruelty
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Such philosophizing, as Job's comforters found out, never goes down well with those who actually have to do the suffering.
Job's comforters tried to do it, and "J.B.," Archibald MacLeish's modern retelling of the biblical story of the righteous man who suffers unjustly, poses the problem succinctly: "If God is God, he is not good: if God is good, he is not God."
I do think that not having any kind of biblical education is unfortunate if children want to read English literature and understand the provenance of phrases like "through a glass darkly," "all flesh is as grass," "the race is not to the swift," "crying in the wilderness," "reaping the whirlwind," "amid the alien corn," Eyeless in Gaza," "Job's comforters," and "the widow's mite."