work order

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notice to proceed

Written communication issued by the owner to the contractor authorizing him to proceed with the work, 1 and establishing the date of commencement of the work.
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When operating CONWIP with a job order list as mentioned above we have to sum up the amount of work in status 3 and 4 only.
While our discussion has focused on manufacturing firm activities, job order costing is a valuable management tool for planning and control of costs for service firms as well.
Their primary concern is insuring that job orders continue to arrive and that properly qualified workers are referred to the client.
The unique value The Gordian Group delivers to its clients makes it well positioned for even greater growth than it has enjoyed since first founding Job Order Contracting," Smith said.
Mellon Award of Excellence in Job Order Contracting, established in 2008 and awarded annually, recognizes excellence in using Job Order Contracting principles and practices while identifying unique and innovative ways the process can function in renovation work.
The County of Riverside, Economic Development Agency, Project Management Office (County), is seeking qualified Consulting firms interested in contracting with the County to provide, implement, and assist in executing and managing a Job Order Contract (JOC) automated system.
Repair, alteration and maintenance work-the core of the Job Order Contracting system-is essential for the safe and efficient use of buildings and infrastructure.
The Naval Facilities Engineering Command at Camp Pendleton, CA, plans to award an indefinite quantity job order contract for miscellaneous construction, repairs, and alteration work at the Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, CA; Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach, Fallbrook Detachment, Fallbrook, CA; and Mountain Warfare Training Center, Bridgeport, CA.
the Job Order Contracting provider and court administrators (sted The systematic work approach during construction and superior finished product helped establish an ongoing relationship among Centennial Contractors, the Job Order Contracting provider and court administrators).
Tenders are invited for Job Order Of Sms-Mech, Bf-Mech, And Hts-Mech.
Gordian's JOC Solution is a competitively bid Job Order Contracting construction-procurement process.
HOUSTON -- KBR (NYSE: KBR) today announced it has been awarded a job order contract by TCPN (The Cooperative Purchasing Network) to provide construction management services for public entities throughout the entire state of Texas.