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gravel root

gravel root

Purple/pink flowers (sometimes white) in rounded clusters fanning out at top of stem which can reach 12 ft. (4m) high. Stems purple or green with purple spots, hollow. Pointy lance shaped leaves, 4-8 around same spot on stem. Crushed leaves have apple scent. Whole plant useable, roots are strongest. Leaves and root are used for kidney infections, painful urination, enlarged prostate, diuretic, diarrhea, colds, chills, rheumatism, gout, kidney stones, asthma, coughs, gallbladder, strengthens immune system. Lots of polysaccharides. Be aware there is another plant the used to be called “Gravel Root”
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That is Joe Pye Weed to most people, and last week's fine weather after a soggy summer has helped bring the dusty-pink flowers to life.
In a medium to moist flower bed or prairie meadow it can be combined with Northern Bedstraw, Culver's Root, Joe Pye, New England Aster and Tufted Hairgrass.
Others, with tangled or thick roots, like astilbes and Joe Pye weed, must be pried or cut apart.
Yma hefyd roedd yr erwain a chwyn Joe Pye, neu'r byddon chwerw (Eupatorium canabinum; hemp-agrimony) i roi ei enw cywir iddo, yn tyfu - arwydd sicr ei fod yn fan gwlyb.
Plants with pink or white flowers are great border buddies with asters, Joe Pye weed and hydrangeas.
Reit ym mon y clawdd, yn y ffos, roedd chwyn Joe Pye neu'r byddon chwerw (Eupatorium cannabinum; Hemp Agrimony) a'i flodau pinc, cain yn dechrau troi'n gandi-fflos o had.
Illinois natives bee balm, cone flower, ironweed, Joe pye weed, butterfly weed and globe thistle are butterfly magnets.
I can only dream about the result if they were grown with spotted bee-balm Monarda punctata, Joe Pye Weed, Eutrochium purpureum, Hummingbird Mints (Agastache species and hybrids) like Blue Fortune, and Common Boneset, Eupatorium perfoliatum.
Plants that respond well to this include Solidago (golden rod) Eupatorium purpureum (Joe Pye weed), Echinacea Purpurea, Phlox paniclata and helianthus, particularly Lemon Queen.
Initially forming as a four-piece, school mates Joe Pye (clean vocals), Adam Ford (drums), Jack Boddy (vocals) and Michael (rhythm guitar) met lead guitarist Josh Hummerston in 2012.