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see JagielloJagiello
or Jagello
, dynasty that ruled Poland and Lithuania from 1386 to 1572, Hungary from 1440 to 1444 and again from 1490 to 1526, and Bohemia from 1471 to 1526.
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In 1413 Vytautas and Jogaila accompanied by several priests began baptizing the population.
In 1386, Grand Duke Jogaila of Lithuania was crowned the King of Poland, which intensified Lithuania's economic and cultural development and oriented it toward the West.
While Jogaila remained the King of Poland, his cousin Grand Duke Vytautas became the ruler of Lithuania.
Jogaila gi, nemokas net rasyti prasciokas, buves tik manekenu paciu lenku ir lenkiskojo dvaro rankose, prie to laimejimo prisidejes yra nebent maldomis"--rasoma tame straipsnyje (V.
Lenku skulptorius remesi Janu Dhigoszu, kuris rase, kad Ordino magistras, noredamas isprovokuoti Jogaila pradeti musi kryziuociams palankiu momentu, pasiuntes jam ir kunigaiksciui Vytautui du kalavijus, kad jie daugiau nedelstu ir pradetu musi.
Earlier, Lithuanian Jogaila (Poles call him Jagiello) married Jadwiga, a teenage girl who owned Poland's throne.
The supreme commander was Jogaila (Wladyslaw II to the Poles), king of a united Lithuania-Poland.
Subsequently Jogaila (known in Polish historiography as Wladyslaw Jagiello) and Vytautas joined forces to defeat the Teutonic Order at the Battle of Grunwald, but later quarreled over control of Lithuania and Vytautas's ambitions to be crowned king there.
The giant is the Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas the Great (circa 1350-1430), under whose rule Lithuania reached the apex of its power, and the place under his shadow is Poland ruled by King Jogaila, who, under the influence of Polish nobles, tried successfully to prevent Vytautas from being crowned the king of Lithuania in his old age.
But after the death of Algirdas in 1377, and the murder of Kestutis in 1382, the country's political situation afforded an opportunity for the Order to gain Samogitia by means of negotiations with the new rulers of Lithuania, the cousins Jogaila and Vytautas.
muziejaus rinkinius papilde dveju zinomu lenku skulptoriu kuriniai: Tomaszo Oskaro Sosnowskio skulpturine grupe Jadvyga ir Jogaila (3 pav.
The territories over which Grand Duke Jogaila claimed sovereignty some 100 years later extended beyond Kiev towards the Black Sea.