Leo Jogiches

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Leo Jogiches
BirthplaceVilnius, Lithuania
Known for Marxist revolutionary
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Jogiches, Leo


(pseudonym Jan Tyszka). Born June 17,1867, in Vilnius; died Mar. 10,1919, in Berlin. Figure in the Polish and German labor movements.

Circa 1885, Jogiches was one of the leaders of a revolutionary circle in Vilnius; he was arrested in 1888 and 1889. Jogiches emigrated to Switzerland in 1890 and moved to Berlin in 1900. He cooperated with the Liberation of Labor, headed by G. V. Plekhanov. Jogiches was one of the leaders of the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland, which was founded in 1893 and became the Social Democracy of the Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania (SDKPL) in 1900. He edited many of the SDKPL’s publications and in 1903 became a member of its central board.

In November 1905, Jogiches and R. Luxemburg arrived in Warsaw and took part in the Revolution of 1905–07 in Poland. In March 1906, Jogiches was arrested and sentenced to eight years of hard labor and exile for life in Siberia. He escaped from prison in 1907 and fled to Berlin. At the London Congress of the RSDLP in 1907, Jogiches was elected a candidate member of the party’s Central Committee. During World War I he played a major role in promoting an internationalist position within the Social Democratic Party of Germany. In 1916, Jogiches became one of the organizers and leaders of the Spartacists (seeSPARTACUSLEAGUE) and the publisher of Spartakusbriefe. He was instrumental in founding the Communist Party of Germany (CPG), and at the party’s Constituent Congress (from December 1918 to January 1919) he was elected to the Central Committee. After the vicious murder of R. Luxemburg and K. Liebknecht in January 1919, Jogiches became head of the CPG. Jogiches was arrested on Mar. 9,1919, and was murdered in prison.

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At one point, the Devil's features remind Rosa of Leo Jogiches, her mentor and one-time partner, the mainstay of the Spartakus-Bund (III, 290).
But an anonymous source (Rosa's lover, Leo Jogiches), a helpful scientist (Albert Einstein), an avant-garde artist (Kathe Kollwitz), the thuggish behavior of the Political Police (Polpo), and his own skeptical intelligence will lead Hoffner in a different direction, where he finds radical politics, reactionary bloodlust, and Romantic poetry too.
Leo Jogiches even sounds like Malraux: "I can't choose when or how I die, Inspector, but I can choose why."
For this he had already been drummed out of the party in Poland by Rosa Luxemburg and Leo Jogiches, and now Friedrich Ebert has added the charge that Radek has never paid party dues anyway.
If anything, Ettinger errs in the opposite direction: She builds her picture largely from personal letters, working for the most part from Polish-language materials unavailable to Nettl, including the beautiful letters to Luxemburg's lover, Leo Jogiches, which Ettinger translated and which have recently been published.
Ettinger's book is strongest when itsemotional style is most justified by the material--first when she discusses Luxemburg's early struggles to break free from her family and Jogiches, and again when she covers the final chaotic weeks of Luxemberg's life.
In her third term at the University ofZurich, Luxemburg met Leo Jogiches, like her an assimilated Jew.
When Luxemburg's mother died, Jogiches intercepted the friend bearing the news to avoid interrupting a strategy session.