Johan Christian Clausen Dahl

Dahl, Johan Christian Clausen


Born Feb. 24, 1788, in Bergen; died Oct. 14, 1857, in Dresden. Norwegian painter and graphic artist; founder of Norwegian national landscape painting.

Dahl studied in Bergen (c. 1808) and at the Academy of Art in Copenhagen (from 1811). From 1818 he lived in Dresden (professor at the Academy of Art from 1824). During the summer months he often visited Norway. He came under the influence of German romanticism. He painted mostly rugged mountains and Norway’s turbulent rivers and its quiet valleys and lakes (Stahlheim: Landscape With Rainbow, 1842, the National Gallery, Oslo).


Østby, L. J. Ch. CI. Dahl: Tegninger og akvareller. Oslo, 1957.
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Carl Gustav Carus produced his romanticised version in 1822; in 1839 Johan Christian Clausen Dahl cast the view from the Elbe in moonlit gloom (overleaf); and Ernst Ludwig Kirchner placed himself in the same spot to produce a jolly, vividly coloured version in 1910.
Gallery assistant Hannah Higham admires the latest acquisition at the Barber Institute of Fine Art, a painting by the Norwegian landscape artist Johan Christian Clausen Dahl.