Johan Cruyff

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Cruyff, Johan,

1947–2016, Dutch soccer player. He played forward (1964–73) for the Dutch League's Amsterdam Ajax team, assuming a key role in their six league championships, four Dutch Cups, and three European Cups. In 1973 he was traded to the Barcelona, became its captain, and led it to the 1974 Spanish League championship. Cruyff later (1979–81) played for several teams in the North American Soccer League and ended his playing career with Ajax in 1982. A three-time winner (1971, 1973–74) of the European footballer of the year title, he was known for his versatile and intelligent play and his advocacy of "total football," in which players constantly pass the ball, interchanging roles as the situation changes, a style that influenced the worldwide game. After retirement he coached at both Ajax and Barcelona. In 1999 he was named the best player in Europe in the 20th century.
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Thankfully, however, Johan Cruyff was no one-trick pony.
Last Monday, on the day he would have turned 69, GVB unveiled the addition to their network of the new Johan Cruyff No.
The Amsterdam Arena is to be renamed the Johan Cruyff Arena in his memory and Barcelona fans have launched a campaign to have the Nou Camp named after him.
The wonderful piece of football genius combined everything about Johan Cruyff from his athletic ability with the poise of a ballet dancer to the speed of thought and awareness of the moment that all great performers possess.
But, thankfully, it has still got a chance because, as a certain Johan Cruyff said: "I've never seen a bag of money score a goal.
I AM sure I speak on behalf of the many football fans who are of an age to remember vividly the footballing skills of the great Johan Cruyff and congratulate the Daily Record on the eight-page tribute they paid to this magnificent footballer.
WHAT a great shame to hear that Johan Cruyff has lost his battle with cancer.
Johan Cruyff "It has touched us deeply that Johan was such an inspiration to many of you.
JOHAN Cruyff will be remembered as a visionary and an inspiration following his death at the age of 68.
JOHAN CRUYFF, who has died at the age of 68, will be remembered as one of the game's greats as both a masterful player and a visionary, innovative manager.
Le 24 mars 2016, Johan Cruyff (68 ans) est decede a Barcelone, entoure de sa famille apres un dur combat contre le cancer.