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Agricola, Johann or Johannes

(yō`hän, yōhä`nəs əgrĭk`ələ), c.1494–1566, German Protestant minister, whose family name was Schnitter (originally Schneider). He was born at Eisleben and is sometimes called Magister Islebius. He had an early association with Martin Luther and was active in the founding of Protestantism. In 1536 he espoused antinomianism, thus breaking with Luther. He was court preacher to Joachim II, elector of Brandenburg and helped draw up the Augsburg Interim. Agricola also made a collection of German proverbs.
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The verses were used by a former Luther friend, Johann Agricola, to justify his positive treatment of Jews in what is now Germany.
(33) Colleagues of Luther who were strong supporters include Johann Agricola, Nikolaus von Amsdorf, Viet Dietrich, Justus Jonas, Wenceslaus Linck, and Philipp Melanchthon.