Johann Daniel Titius

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Titius, Johann Daniel


(real surname Tietz). Born Jan. 2, 1729, in Konitz, East Prussia; died Dec. 16,1796, in Wittenberg. German physicist and mathematician.

Titius was on the staff of the University of Leipzig from 1752 to 1756 and joined the staff of the University of Wittenberg in 1756. In 1766 he established an empirical rule by which the distances of the planets from the sun may be found.


Clerke, A. Obshchedostupnaia istoriia astronomii v XIX stoletti. Odessa, 1913. (Translated from English.)
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The theory is called Bode's Law, or the Titius-Bode Law, named after Johann Daniel Titius and Johann Elert Bode in 1766.