Johann Heinrich Bullinger

Bullinger, Johann Heinrich


Born July 18, 1504, in Bremgarten; died September 17, 1575, in Zürich. Active in the Reformation in Switzerland.

Bullinger was a friend of H. Zwingli and was his successor in Zürich in 1531. By concluding an agreement with J. Calvin in 1549, he united the Calvinist and Zwinglian movements in the Reformed Church. This unification was expressed also in the Second Helvetic Confession, which Bullinger compiled in 1556 and which was one of the creed books of the reformers.

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My own use of the term Zwinglian is also meant to signal a kind of influence through other, more mixed and moderate channels such as Martin Bucer, Peter Martyr, and at a greater distance, Johann Heinrich Bullinger and Philipp Melanchthon,