Johann Joachim Kändler

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Kändler, Johann Joachim


Born June 15, 1706, in Fischbach or Seeligstadt, Saxony; died May 18, 1775, in Meissen. German sculptor.

In 1731, Kandier became a modeler at a porcelain factory in Meissen. He created dinner services with rich rococo ornamentation (for example, the Swan service, 1737–41). His porcelain sculpture, which is varied in genre and size, is distinguished by the freedom and dynamics of plastic forms and by the rich colors. Kändler’s keen perception of his models is revealed in his figurines of maidservants, artisans, actors, animals, and birds; religious compositions; and busts. He introduced the various modeling techniques and types of ornamentation that are characteristic of European porcelain.


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