Johann Wilhelm Fück

Fück, Johann Wilhelm


Born July 8, 1894, in Frankfurt am Main; died Nov. 24, 1974, in Halle. German Orientalist.

Fück was a professor at the University of Dacca from 1930 to 1935. From 1938 to 1966 he was a professor at the University of Halle. Fück was elected a member of the Saxon Academy of Sciences in Leipzig in 1948 and a corresponding member of the Academy of the Arabic Language in Giza in 1961. He received the National Prize of the German Democratic Republic in 1956.

In addition to Arabia (1950), a fundamental work on the history of Arabic studies, Fück has produced studies on the history of early Islam and a number of works on the history of the Arabic language and of Arabic literature.


Die arabischen Studien in Europe . . . Leipzig, 1955.