Johann Zoffany

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Zoffany, Johann

(yō`hän zŏf`ənē), 1735–1810, English painter. After 12 years of study in Italy, Zoffany settled in England. He frequently painted conversation pieces, domestic tableaux filled with detailed, animated figures (see portraitureportraiture,
the art of representing the physical or psychological likeness of a real or imaginary individual. The principal portrait media are painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. From earliest times the portrait has been considered a means to immortality.
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), that were influenced by HogarthHogarth, William,
1697–1764, English painter, satirist, engraver, and art theorist, b. London. At the age of 15 he was apprenticed to a silver-plate engraver. He soon made engravings on copper for bookplates and illustrations—notably those for Butler's Hudibras
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. His major full-length portraits include Mrs. Oswald (National Gall., London).
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Caption: Plate 1: David Garrick with Mary Bradshaw in his The Farmer's Return from London by Johann Zoffany (1762) (102.6 cm x 127 cm).
Caption: 1 Johann Zoffany, "Colonel Antoine Polier with his friends, Claude Martin, John Wombell and the Artist", 1786-87.
Also arriving this month will be Johann Zoffany's A Life Class at St Martin's Academy, 1761/2.
1765, by unknown artist (possibly Johann Zoffany), oil on canvas, 46 x 54 in.
German born artist, Johann Zoffany, was one of the founding artists of the British School in the 18th century.
A son of Galileo, he warrants maximum respect and Bolgerhas a great Derby record.IRELAND'S 14 Age Of Aquarius A O'Brien 25/1 Black Bear Island A O'Brien 8/1 Fame And Glory A O'Brien 7/2 Fergus McIver Jim Bolger 200/1 Freemantle A O'Brien 20/1 Gan Amhras Jim Bolger 9/1 Golden Sword A O'Brien 33/1 Johann Zoffany A O'Brien 150/1 Loch Long Tracey Collins 250/1 Malibu Bay A O'Brien 150/1 Masterofthehorse A O'Brien 20/1 Rip Van Winkle A O'Brien 5/1 Sea The Stars John Oxx 4/1 Toraidhe Jim Bolger 150/1
Johann Zoffany's portrait of Major George Maule, an English official in India in the 18th century, was estimated to sell for up to Au 60,000.
Even the dust cover of the book under review with its reproduction of Johann Zoffany's The Academicians of the Royal Academy of 1772, where Reynolds himself is portrayed supervising the arrangement of a nude male model in a classical pose, exudes that faint sense of futility and remoteness as the shadows gather in dark corners of the studio, shrouding the flickering candelabrum and chipped plaster casts, emblematic of ancient ideals so dearly cherished yet so soon to be superseded.
Among the artists represented, living and dead, are David Hockney, Thomas Gainsborough, Johann Zoffany, John Singer Sargent and Turner Prize-winner Gillian Wearing.
The restoration of a long-forgotten painting by one of the most renowned British painters of the 18th century - Johann Zoffany -- is the subject of Pradip Kumar Das's essay.
In Australia, his runners are headed by the Group 2 Adelaide Cup winner Muir (formerly Johann Zoffany).