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see Bugenhagen, JohannBugenhagen, Johann
, 1485–1558, German Protestant reformer. Born in Pomerania, he is sometimes called Dr. Pomeranus. Bugenhagen, an ordained priest, was attracted to the reform movement by Martin Luther's writings.
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Only three are relatively well known to specialists: Johann Oecolampadius, Johannes Bugenhagen, and Georg Spalatin.
The Nurnberg preacher Thomas Venatorius, the Wittenberg pastor Johannes Bugenhagen, an anonymous Evangelische Lehre (Leipzig, 1523), Johannes Diepold of Ulm, and an otherwise unknown Johannes Borner all lead a person nearing death to fix attention and faith on Jesus' words of eucharistic institution, declaring that he has indeed given his body over to death for us and shed his blood for the forgiveness of our sins.
Johannes Bugenhagen Pomeranus-Von Reformer zum Reformator: Studien zur Biographie.
The regulations of 1533 for schools there show that on the advice of Luther and Johannes Bugenhagen, the pastor at the Wittenberg town church, and with the support of the City Council, a girls' school was founded that had its own master.