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Fibiger, Johannes Andreas Grib


Born Apr. 23, 1867, in Silkeborg; died Jan. 30, 1928, in Copenhagen. Danish microbiologist and pathological anatomist.

Fibiger was a student of R. Koch and E. von Behring. From 1900 to 1905 he was director of an institute of clinical bacteriology. Beginning in 1900 he was also a professor of pathology at the University of Copenhagen. In 1912, Fibiger discovered tumors of the stomach in experimental rats fed cockroaches infected with the larvae of the parasitic worm Spiroptera (Nobel Prize, 1926). The specific carcinogenic action of Spiroptera was not subsequently confirmed. Fibiger’s work promoted the development of experimental oncology, particularly research on the role of carcinogens.


“Untersuchungen über eine Nematode.” Zeitschrift für Krebsforschung, 1913, vol. 13, pp. 217–80.


Secher, K. The Danish Cancer Researcher Johannes Fibiger, Professor in the University of Copenhagen. Copenhagen-London, 1947.
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