Abbott, Sir John Joseph Caldwell

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Abbott, Sir John Joseph Caldwell,

1821–93, Canadian political leader. He was a graduate of McGill College, where he served on the law faculty (1853–80). He served in the Canadian House of Commons (1860–74; 1880–87) before his appointment to the Senate in 1887. As prime minister (1891–92), Abbott headed a Conservative administration. He is best remembered for being the first Canadian-born prime minister.
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But one local Tory councillor, John Abbott, called for it to be "cleaned off ".
Scores: First round: Peter Kain 10 Liam Fallas 21, Duncan Reeves 21 Geoff Price 7, Mark Wood 21 Paddy Higgins 14, Ashley Daykin 21 David Scott 4, Billy Smyth 15 Mark Allman 21, Josh Brown 21 Robert Mudd 19, Donald Rae 21 Roy Sutton 10, John Hodgson 21 John Abbott 9.
Tiger Creative co-founder John Abbott said: "The CBSO is an internationally-acclaimed orchestral icon, and the appetite for Britain's great cultural institutions is growing at pace in China, so a fast-loading, Chinese-language website is a significant gesture in reaching out to Chinese music lovers.
Delta Industrial knife gate valves can guarantee plant operators in difficult process applications, zero leakage, John Abbott, Weir Minerals global product manager for valves confirms.
The Anne-Marie Edward Science Building at John Abbott College serves as a steward of sustainable practices through education, diligent site management, reduction and recuperation of energy and water, and the use of multiple energy sources.
Jacques Cartier MNA and Minister of Native Affairs Geoffrey Kelley, on behalf of the Minister of Education,made a recent trip to John Abbott College to offer a significant part of a $737,375 grant from the provincial government developed to support Aboriginal students at 16 provincial CEGEPs.
In the same month Australian Prime Minister Anthony John Abbott appealed for Indonesian President Joko Widodo to grant the two Australian convicts clemency.
John Abbott, vice president in charge of the food service equipment group, received a compensation package of $925,000, a $50,000 raise, and Michael Pattison, vice president of human resources was paid $595,000, about a $40,000 pay hike.
We're excited about adding Brandt Affixing to the Abbott Label family," says John Abbott, president of Abbott Label.
The transaction is also a substantial step for the manufacturing firm as it moves into the food service chain fryer market, John Abbott, vice president of Standex's Food Service Equipment Group, also noted.
JOHN ABBOTT, North East spokesman for the Tobacco Retailers' Alliance.
And the absence of sports anti- corruption laws in India is only making it easy for the guilty to go scot- free, feels John Abbott, chairman of Interpol's Integrity in Sport Steering Group, who was here for a two- day workshop by FIFA- Interpol on tackling the malaise.