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Barbour, John

(bär`bər), c.1316?–1395, Scottish poet. He was archdeacon of Aberdeen from 1355 until his death. His romance, The Bruce (1375), celebrating Scotland's emancipation from England, recounts the heroic deeds of Robert I and Sir James Douglas. The poem was meant to be read as history and shows remarkable accuracy. Barbour's authorship of a fragmentary Troy-Book and the Buik of Alexander is disputed.
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Former teacher Margaret took over the South Shields business after her husband, John Barbour, great-grandson of the founder, died aged 29 in 1968.
Former teacher Margaret took over the business after her husband, John Barbour, great-grandson of the founder, died aged 29 in 1968.
"When I faced John Barbour in court, it was really hard talking about all those awful memories, and, when he got four years for ruining my life, it felt like a punch in the stomach.
Sam, grew up in Galloway in the Scottish highlands, close to the farm where brand Founder John Barbour lived in the late 1800s.
The choice of genres results in some important writers like John Barbour being omitted.
Among the speakers scheduled to address the conference are Leap-Frog Enterprises CEO John Barbour and Trip Hawkins, the founder of Electronic Arts, 3D0 and Digital Chocolate.
"The key to the casual games industry's booming success is the creativity of game developers who are devoted to bringing fun games to players everywhere," said John Barbour, president of GameHouse.
Attending the bride were her brother, John Barbour of Winona, as man of honor, and the groom's niece, Olivia Sims of Madison, as junior bridesmaid.
Seeking to demonstrate an "alternative perspective on this sweeping development" (3) called secularization, Harrold proposes that John Barbour's concept of "deconversion" provides a more accurate explanation for religious "disestablishment" at colleges and universities.
Toy Stores, is now President of Babies R Us and will become President-CEO of Babies R Us "upon separation." John Barbour, now President of Toys R Us International, becomes President of U.S.
John Barbour's Versions of Deconversion (1994) has exercised an important influence in the discussions that led up to the work under review.
John Barbour, founder of Corporate Value Improvement, a consultancy that aims to help businesses deliver superior shareholder returns, will tell delegates that finance departments should instead be considering where they can add value to the business.