John Barbour

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Barbour, John

(bär`bər), c.1316?–1395, Scottish poet. He was archdeacon of Aberdeen from 1355 until his death. His romance, The Bruce (1375), celebrating Scotland's emancipation from England, recounts the heroic deeds of Robert I and Sir James Douglas. The poem was meant to be read as history and shows remarkable accuracy. Barbour's authorship of a fragmentary Troy-Book and the Buik of Alexander is disputed.
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Writers commemorated here range from John Barbour (1320-1395) to Sorley MacLean (1911-1966) and represent Scotland's main literary languages - Scots, Latin, Gaelic and English.
Barbour has been producing quality clothing for the last 100 years, ever since John Barbour began designing his collection to combat the climate of his native Scotland.
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Chambers ran a superb third leg, handing over to Chambers after great runs by John Barbour and British 200m champion Marlon Devonish.
Spokesman John Barbour said: "If any of this had washed up on shores it would have been detected through the various, long-running monitoring programmes.
What better place than The Center of the Toy Universe(TM) to launch one of the most exciting toys of 2005," said John Barbour, president of Toys "R" Us, U.
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