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Biscoe, John


Born 1794; died 1843. British Antarctic navigator.

From 1830 to 1832 and from 1833 to 1834, Biscoe undertook the third voyage after J. Cook and F. Bellingshausen in Antarctic waters in search of new hunting sites. In 1831 he discovered part of the coast of Antarctica (now Enderby Land) and in 1832, Graham Land (now the Antarctic Peninsula), Adelaide Island, and the group of islands named after him (the Biscoe Islands). A mountain in the region of Enderby Land is also named after Biscoe.

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* In 1830-33 the Enderby ships Tula and Lively under John Biscoe circumnavigated Antarctica, discovering Enderby Land (the first unequivocal sightings of land in Greater Antarctica), discovering and annexing Graham Land on the Antarctic Peninsula, and visiting the South Sandwich, South Shetland, Falkland, Chatham and Bounty Islands, but bringing home only 30 sealskins for the entire voyage (Biscoe 1833; Cumpston 1962).
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Morag said: "Eric was an engineer in the Merchant Navy and he travelled to the Antarctic on board the RRS John Biscoe.
After training as a weather observer, Shaw traveled to Antarctica on the John Biscoe (FIDS' 70 m supply vessel) with that year's staff contingent for the British bases.
"We opened this container that had just arrived from Egypt to ensure that it was all in order and I was with the forklift operator and became aware there was something in there," the Telegraph quoted John Biscoe, of GMA Freight, as saying.
James Weddell's expedition crossed the 74[degrees]S parallel in 1823, and in 1831 John Biscoe discovered a coast that he named Enderby Land in honor (now a sad reminder) of the company that sent him.
The individual who loaned Gorman the money contacted North Little Rock attorney John Biscoe Bingham who, in turn, won a judgment from Gorman in 1986.
whalers: John Biscoe, Peter Kemp & John Balleny, in the 1830s
Angus persuaded the captain of RRS John Biscoe to land dogs, men, and equipment at a refuge hut on the mainland.