John Brown's Body

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John Brown’s Body

Union rallying hymn during Civil War. [Am. Music: Jameson, 257]
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We arrived home again finally, after a ten-mile excursion, and the irrepressible muleteers scampered at our heels through the main street, goading the donkeys, shouting the everlasting "Sekki-yah," and singing "John Brown's Body" in ruinous English.
Some years later, marching Union troops in the American Civil War remembered him by singing "John Brown's body lies a mouldering in the grave".
When the soldiers spontaneously began singing "John Brown's Body," Julia was deeply moved because of the sight of the many wounded soldiers and because John Brown, who had been recently hanged, was a friend and fellow abolitionist.
The American reggae band John Brown's Body celebrates 20 years of music with the release of their eleventh full-length album, Fireflies.
Roosevelt's funeral, including announcer Arthur Godfrey's emotional broadcast; and Charles Laughton's nonmusical theatrical production, "John Brown's Body;' with performances by such notable actors as Tyrone Power and Raymond A.
"YOU CAN WEIGH JOHN BROWN'S BODY WELL ENOUGH, But how and in what balance weigh John Brown?" poet Stephen Vincent Benet wrote in 1928.
Illustrated piano/vocal song lyrics for traditional gandy dancer songs include: Skip To My Lou, She'll Be Cornin' Round the Mountain, John Brown's Body, The Battle Hymn of the Republic, Take This Hammer, and of course, John Henry.
When Benet published John Brown's Body in 1928, the poem seemed all but destined to take its place alongside other perennial American favorites.
Later, the first lyrics "Canaan's Happy Shore" were changed to "John Brown's Body." (John Brown, a famous advocate of the abolition of slavery was hanged after trying to start a slave uprising in 1859).
It was called "John Brown's Body," and it glorified the memory of an abolitionist who attempted to lead a slave insurrection but succeeded only in murdering innocents.
Why was John Brown commemorated as a hero in the song John Brown's Body? Bill Wyman - see Question 7
For 89 minutes at Dens Park John Brown's body was lying mouldering in the grave, in footballing terms at least, with his hopes of saving Dundee's skin in the SPL all but dead and buried.