John Bull

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John Bull:

see Arbuthnot, JohnArbuthnot, John
, 1667–1735, Scottish author and scientist, court physician (1705–14) to Queen Anne. He is best remembered for his five "John Bull" pamphlets (1712), political satires on the Whig war policy, which introduced the character John Bull, the typical
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Bull, John

personification of Britain. [Br. Folklore: Benét, 45]
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John Bull

any Englishman, or Englishmen collectively. [Br. Lit.: History of John Bull, Brewer Dictionary, 591]

John Bull

a personification of England or the English people
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John Bull, founded in 1929, now has 17 outlets throughout the Bahamas--principally in Nassau, Paradise Island, Abaco and Eleuthra.
We're excited to work with John Bull, a company that clearly understands the important role design plays in support of its bottom line.
In the second decade of the eighteenth century, when most of the these conditions existed in England, John Bull appeared.
Retired policeman Ray Egan, known to many as John Bull, wants to create tolerance zones for prostitution and cannabis after seeing their success in Amsterdam.
The broadcaster's commitment to cover Catterick in addition to Kempton raised doubts over whether the John Bull would be aired.
CONFIDENCE BOOST: Social services manager John Bull (right) presents a certificate to Phillip Colledge, watched by other winners of the Equal People awards.
Birmingham's John Bull at the entrance to Kingsbury oil storage depot with fuel protester Jenny Bostock holding a poster
The only ugly incident during my 15 years in the John Bull role occurred about four years ago on Llangollen, North Wales, at the venue of the international Eisteddfod.
The John Bull Inn has been sitting yards away from market-town bustle in a quiet street since 1832 ( a pub that landlord Gus Odlin proudly refers to as "an original back-street boozer".
Birmingham's own John Bull -retired police officer Ray Egan -was furious at the change.
NEW APPROACHES TO CARE HOMES: Cllr Sid Tooth (left) and John Bull, head of the county council's adult services
Old favourite Callisoe Bay, who won the John Bull Chase at Wincanton four years ago, lines up for the GG.