John Bull

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John Bull:

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, 1667–1735, Scottish author and scientist, court physician (1705–14) to Queen Anne. He is best remembered for his five "John Bull" pamphlets (1712), political satires on the Whig war policy, which introduced the character John Bull, the typical
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Bull, John

personification of Britain. [Br. Folklore: Benét, 45]
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John Bull

any Englishman, or Englishmen collectively. [Br. Lit.: History of John Bull, Brewer Dictionary, 591]

John Bull

a personification of England or the English people
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Campaigner John Bull scaled the oldest tree in Birmingham city centre which is facing the axe
And that's some feat for the 77-year-old former police officer, especially while wearing his trademark John Bull attire, which includes top hat and tails.
Elsewhere, members have voted The John Bull, in Alnwick, as North Northumberland pub of the year, The Three Horse Shoes, in High Horton as South East Northumberland pub of the year, and the Boat House, in Wylam, as South West Northumberland pub of the year.
John Bull originated in the 18th century and is here shown in his typical dress - he would also appear in uniform and as the face of different animals in the course of the war.
What do John Bull's poodles in Wales fear, other than democracy?
John Bull, head of adult services, said: "We want to hear people's views on what is good about the services they have, what is not so good and what changes they would like to see.
The John Bull Group, a leading duty-free retailer in the Bahamas, says it may open a third luxury boutique in Cuba--nearly 10 years after inaugurating its first Cuban outlet in Varadero.
The author can also be politically correct to an absurd degree and writes that 'Gillray's John Bull was a black man'.
and that should have even the most patriotic John Bull cowering in shame.
Out of action through injury, Looks Like Trouble is now set to run in either the John Bull Chase at Wincanton or the Peter Marsh Chase at Haydock on January 19, with his campaign being geared ultimately towards the Tote Gold Cup at the Cheltenham Festival.
Judge John Bull said: "I am bound to consider prison for both of you."
Deeply rooted in a nation's history, such symbols as the Eiffel Tower for France, Uncle Sam for the United States, and for Britain the graceful Britannia, whose origins date back to the Roman empire, and the sturdy John Bull, a creation of early modern popular culture--who are the subjects of this essay--can reveal a great deal about a society's heritage, its ideologies, its myths, and the values commonly held by its people.(1) Mythic traditions from folk tales link national memories with artistic styles and literary conventions.