John Byron

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Byron, John


Born Nov. 8, 1723, in Nottinghamshire; died Apr. 10, 1786, in London. English navigator and commodore.

From 1740 to 1744, Byron took part in G. Anson’s voyage around the world. In 1764 he set out on a search for the Solomon Islands and for new lands in the Pacific Ocean, and he discovered several islands of the Tuamotu, Tokelau and Gilbert groups. The strait between New Ireland Island and Lavongai Island, as well as one of the Gilbert Islands (Byron Island or Nikunau), is named after John Byron.

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Priod ffyddlon John Byron, Mam gariadus William, Eleri a'r diweddar Lis, mam yng nghyfraith barchus Ffiona a Mamgu annwyl Erin a Lois.
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At Redesdale Court, North Sheilds on 13th October, aged 66 years, John Byron, dearly loved partner of Freda, father of Stuart, loving brother of Jennifer, Gillian and the late Lynne and a dearest uncle to Kirsty, Paul, Craig, Lee and Justin.
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John Byron and uncle of the future poet (the son of Frederick's elder brother, Captain John 'Mad Jack' Byron), who was born not far from Holland's shop at 16 Holies Street (now a John Lewis department store) on January 22nd, 1788.
Captain James Cook named Byron Bay after his navigator John Byron, grandfather of English poet Lord Byron.
Next door neighbour John Byron said: "We didn't see much of him because he wasn't able to get out of his home on his own.