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Colet, John


Born about 1467; died Sept. 16,1519, in Sheen, Surrey. English humanist and theologian; one of the forerunners of the Reformation.

Colet is known as the head of the Oxford circle of humanists. He gave a critical interpretation of Biblical texts in the course of lectures delivered beginning in 1497 at Oxford University which were devoted to the epistles of St. Paul. Colet exerted a significant influence on the formation of the world views of Thomas More and Erasmus of Rotterdam. In 1505 he became the dean of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. In 1509 he opened a school connected with the cathedral; the school was founded on humanistic principles of education. In 1513 he became the chaplain at the court of Henry VIII. Without breaking with Catholicism, Colet exposed the morals of the clergy and opposed secret confession, the worship of icons, clerical celibacy, and monasticism.

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They were William Grocyn, "the most upright and best of all Britons,"* Thomas Linacre, and John Colet. These men, returning from Italy full of the New Learning, began to teach Greek at Oxford.
One member of this group was the fine-spirited John Colet, later Dean of St.
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Como decia el obispo John Colet, contemporaneo de santo Tomas Moro, a otros obispos, hace taita huir de la ambicion, del confort y de la mundanidad, para reformar la iglesia reformando sas propias vidas (p.
First of all, these concern "A sermon on the immense mercy of God," De immensa Dei misericordia concio (1524), (28) intended for pupils at the school run by John Colet (1468-1519) in London, that particularly struck a chord in Italy.
Smilde grants Lewis "the right to a handful of blunders" (116), and in this case his source turns out to be, not an early Christian authority, but John Colet's 1876 treatise on the Creation, in which he attributes a similar statement to Origen.
Erasmus's short debate on the "distress, alarm, and sorrow of Jesus," testifies to a dispute between him and John Colet at Oxford in October of 1499 over whether or not Christ experiences a truly human fear of death.
Chapter 7, '"Clean and Chaste Latin": Literacy, Humanism, and the Boy Jesus', uses the case of John Colet's refounding of the St Paul's school to illuminate the role that grammar schools had in moderating literacy as a socio-cultural activity.
Headteacher Vince Murray said: "The student responsible has been dealt with and now I have to make decisions based on the information I have received." A boy of 13 at John Colet School, in nearby Wendover, got a police caution for a similar incident in February.
John Colet on the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy of Dionysius; a new edition and translation with introduction and notes.
87-112) explains how historicism was practised by early moderns such as John Colet and Desiderius Erasmus before using the analysis of their practice as a kind of defence for present-day historicism against charges that it closes off interpretation (pp.
Ingleses: Tomas Moro, Thomas Linacre, John Colet; otros: Miguel Angel Buonarroti, Nicolas Copernico