John Curtin

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Curtin, John,

1885–1945, Australian political leader. A labor union secretary, he edited (1917–28) a labor weekly and was later a member of the lower house—from 1928 to 1941, except for three years. He became Labour party leader. As wartime prime minister (1941–45), he vigorously organized the defense of Australia in World War II, working closely with the United States; he also helped plan closer cooperation within the Commonwealth of Nations. He died in office.
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WD, Megan Ashley Curtin and Thomas John Curtin to Head Brothers Land & Cattle, LLC, S half NE-SE; SE-SE, East half SW-SE, and SE quarter of NW-SE, Sec.
The chain's John Curtin said: "We are here to help reduce back to school hassle, without breaking the bank.
At the meeting, which began on 17 January 1944, the principals on the Australian side were Prime Minister John Curtin and Minister of External Affairs Herbert Evatt.
After gaining a scholarship to John Curtin College of the Arts, the talented actor was accepted into the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where he graduated in 2000.
This year, Archie Le Grice from John Curtin College of the Arts won a drone for his school, beating the other student pilots with a time of 17.42 seconds.
ISLAMABAD -- Australian High Commissioner to Pakistan, Margaret Adamson launched Tuesday night in Pakistan an alumni chapter of Australia's Curtin University - named after the 14th Prime Minister of Australia John Curtin - which is the largest university in Western Australia with around 68,000 students.
The first Carrolup exhibition was held at the John Curtin Gallery in Perth in August 2013.
Lead researcher Professor Thomas Preiss from The John Curtin School of Medical Research at ANU said the finding opens new avenues of research into RNAs - short-lived copies of the genetic information stored in DNA.
Anticipating these operations, Australian prime minister John Curtin informed British prime minister Winston Churchill on 8 October 1943 (quoting hereafter from my article in the January 1985 Military Affairs), "'The Government [of Australia] considers it to be a matter of vital importance ...
" Jill's close friend and fe" Jill's close friend and fellow animal rights campaigner John Curtin felt the policing of the airport protests hadlow animal rights campaigner John Curtin felt the policing of the airport protests had turned into a "spectacle".
John Curtin, the Environment Agency's director of incident management and resilience, said that there was a further risk of flooding.
The agency's John Curtin warned: "River levels are high and will continue to rise for the next few days.