John Dalrymple

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Dalrymple, John:

see Stair, John Dalrymple, 1st earl ofStair, John Dalrymple, 1st earl of,
1648–1707, Scottish statesman; son of Viscount Stair. He served under James II, but sponsored the accession (1688) of William III in the Scottish Parliament and became (1691)
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, and Stair, John Dalrymple, 2d earl ofStair, John Dalrymple, 2d earl of,
1673–1747, Scottish general and diplomat; son of the 1st earl of Stair.
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Sir John Dalrymple, William III's secretary of state for Scotland immediately issued an order under for the military punishment of the MacDonalds.
The discussion was led by IRS Assistant Deputy Commissioner International Ted Setzer and attended by other high-level IRS officials, including Commissioner John Koskinen, Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement John Dalrymple, and Commissioner of LB&I Doug O'Donnell.
John Dalrymple, the 14th Earl of Stair, last spoke in the Lords in October 2011 on a debate in aviation when he revealed he is the owner of a small airfield.
Clan chief Alastair Macdonald missed the deadline by five days, which was welcomed by some including Sir John Dalrymple, Secretary of State for Scotland, as an excuse to send troops to Glencoe under the command of Captain Robert Campbell of Glen Lyon, who had a grudge against the Macdonalds.
BRITISH Gas has appointed a new regional service manager for the North-east - John Dalrymple. He is responsible for more than 300 engineers working across the region.
In his letter to Grenville of 20 October 1806, Sir John Dalrymple recalled how he had been led to propose to Lord North's administration in 1779 the project of complementary expeditions against the Atlantic and Pacific coasts of the Spanish Empire: After my Brother Captain William Dalrymple not then 24 years of age had with 109 soldiers taken by Storm Fort Omoah [on the Gulf of Honduras at the boundary of Honduras and Guatemala] Garrisoned by 800 Soldiers, I presented from him to Lord Germain a project to make an attack upon the South Seas from the bay of Honduras through the province of Guatemala to Sansonate ...
El Director Ejecutivo de Operaciones del IRS, John Dalrymple, senala que los contribuyentes deben preguntar a la institucion sobre sus opciones de pago, y especifica que quienes no pueden pagar la totalidad de los impuestos adeudados deben recurrir a una solicitud de convenio de pago a plazos, llenando la forma 9465 y enviandola al IRS.