John Dory

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John Dory:

see rockfishrockfish,
member of the family Sebastidae (rockfishes) according some authorities, but also classified as a member of the family Scorpaenidae (scorpionfishes, lionfishes, and rockfishes) by other authorities, carnivorous fish inhabiting all seas and especially abundant in the
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| Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan with her assistant Jane Hunt at the official opening of John Dory's restaurant in Quorn with John and Nic.
The wine director for the 150-seat Breslin Bar and Dining Room and the 120-seat John Dory Oyster Bar, located in New York's Ace Hotel, believes prevailing wine styles at the two venues vary, depending on whether staff is selling their personal favorites or the table is selecting on their own bottle.
S-T-E-A-K," he said indignantly to some poor bloke in a tabard reeking of John Dory on the other end.
Take a little gamble, open up this fella with a good bit of Turbot, John Dory or even shellfish and then tell me you don't like Chardonnay - and I shall banish you to Dante's little known 10th circle, reserved for nincompoops of the dining room, bad comedians and personal trainers.
Furthermore, the building is a mere four blocks south of "celebrity central" Ace Hotel, home to Ken Friedman's Breslin Restaurant, John Dory Oyster Bar, Opening Ceremony and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
Those of us accustomed to imagining Victorian cuisine as overwhelmingly bland will be surprised to learn that a typical Tuesday evening meal consisted of "John dory and lobster sauce," "curried fowl," and "strawberry cream," the preparation of which required trips to a variety of specialist provisioners (57).
EVER caught a John Dory sea fish and wondered what on earth was on your line?
Hotel Du Vin can take care of stuffing the turkey and peeling the sprouts, not to mention smoking the haddock, filleting the John Dory and de-shelling the escargot.
Mario Batali owes nearly $75,000 in rent at his recently closed Chelsea restaurant, the John Dory [NYDN]
These species include Lobster, Dover Sole, Halibut, Turbot, Tuna, Squid, Mussels, Razor Clams, John Dory, Mackerel, Coley, Gurnard and Salmon.
1 1/2 pounds filleted John Dory, Cut into 12 strips
Wade Hicks is solid as Sir George's sidekick, John Dory.