John Edgar Hoover

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Hoover, John Edgar


Born Jan. 1, 1895, in Washington, D.C.; died there May 2, 1972. Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1924.

Hoover joined the FBI in 1917 as an agent. Under his leadership the FBI became one of the most reactionary institutions in the US government, performing the functions of political police. Hoover openly advocated repressive measures in dealing with progressive persons and organizations.

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Among them is John Edgar Hoover. Look at the legendary FBI chief here.
Sixty-five years ago this month, FBI Director John Edgar Hoover introduced the FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin to the criminal justice community in a letter that appeared in the October 1935 issue.
Liuzzo's death, as well as numerous other crimes, by local law officers, state police and federal justice agencies, specifically John Edgar Hoover's Federal Bureau of Investigation.