John Fillmore Hayford

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Hayford, John Fillmore


Born May 19, 1868, in Rouses Point, N.Y.; died Mar. 10, 1925, in Evanston, 111. American geo-desist.

From 1906 to 1909, using the theory of isostasy, Hayford computed the dimensions of the earth ellipsoid based on arc measurements covering the USA. Although the figure Hayford deduced was adopted in 1924 as the International Ellipsoid, it has not been widely used.


The Figure of the Earth and Isostasy, From Measurements in the United States. Washington, D.C., 1909.
Supplementary Investigations in 1909 of the Figure of the Earth and Isostasy. Washington, D.C, 1910.


Burger, W. H. Biographical Memoir of John Fillmore Hayford, 1868–1925. Washington, D.C, 1936. (Contains bibliography.)
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