John Gerard

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Gerard, John

(jĕr`ärd, jərärd`), 1545–1612, English botanist and barber-surgeon. He compiled a catalog (1596) of the plants in his garden, the first of its kind to be published in England. He is best known for his Herball (1597), largely an adaptation of other works to which he added bits of folklore and some original observations.
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Yn 1597 mae gan John Gerard lun ac mae'n disgrifio'r eirlysiau yn ei "Herball".
The book's most compelling chapter deals with the experience of Catholics executed under Elizabeth I--one of whom, John Gerard, Dailey also uses as the subject of the book's opening anecdote.
You can also expect to get a closer look at John Gerard's 1597 publication of The Herbal or General Historie of Plantes, a hand-coloured volume containing an extensive guide to plants and their uses in cooking and medicine.
Griffiths made his discovery when he was researching the biography of pioneering botanist John Gerard (1545-1612), author of The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes.
Written by pioneering botanist John Gerard, at 1,484 pages The Herball was the largest single volume work on plants published in English.
Also asked to pay €700 in costs were trainers Barry T Murphy, based in Clarinbridge, County Galway, and John Gerard Fitzgerald, who trains near Crecora in County Limerick.
Right - The funeral of Bishop of Middlesbrough, the Rt Rev John Gerard McClean, at the Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, Middlesbrough.
The meeting was also attended by Mike Kubena, PwC's CEO for Central and Eastern Europe as well as 12 other PwC international executives, while John Gerard Bruton, former Prime Minister of Ireland shared his views on the course of the European economy as well as the experience of Ireland as regards the country's course towards economic recovery and growth by successfully addressing economic challenges.
Charged by the Secretary general of the United Nations to identify such abuses and find solutions, John Gerard Ruggie and his team of researchers documented abusive corporate practices in almost every country of the world - and created a set of U.N.
While billing itself as a history of the Jesuit mission (making extensive use of, for example, the wonderfully vibrant memoirs of Jesuit missionaries John Gerard and William Weston), an admirable feature of this account is its determination to place the Jesuit contribution in a wider context, and, where appropriate, to trim it to size.
Mae'n debyg mai'r botanegydd John Gerard oedd y cyntaf i gofnodi'r tegeirian hwn yn 1597, ac roedd o wedi gwahaniaethu rhwng hwn a'r tegeirian brych cyffredin.