John Gerard

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Gerard, John

(jĕr`ärd, jərärd`), 1545–1612, English botanist and barber-surgeon. He compiled a catalog (1596) of the plants in his garden, the first of its kind to be published in England. He is best known for his Herball (1597), largely an adaptation of other works to which he added bits of folklore and some original observations.
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Charged by the Secretary general of the United Nations to identify such abuses and find solutions, John Gerard Ruggie and his team of researchers documented abusive corporate practices in almost every country of the world - and created a set of U.
NVIDIA's Chimera architecture with our AR0833 sensor delivers mobile customers with an amazing photo and video experience," said John Gerard, Senior Director of Mobile Products at Aptina.
While billing itself as a history of the Jesuit mission (making extensive use of, for example, the wonderfully vibrant memoirs of Jesuit missionaries John Gerard and William Weston), an admirable feature of this account is its determination to place the Jesuit contribution in a wider context, and, where appropriate, to trim it to size.
Mae'n debyg mai'r botanegydd John Gerard oedd y cyntaf i gofnodi'r tegeirian hwn yn 1597, ac roedd o wedi gwahaniaethu rhwng hwn a'r tegeirian brych cyffredin.
Bernie has been a hairdresser for over 22 years after completing her own apprenticeship at The John Gerard Hairdressing Group.
The proposal to set up a mitigation committee, made by independent director, John Gerard Holden, was considered by NorNickel BoD, and other board members upheld the idea.
Well-known names mingle with the obscure: William Cecil is continually investing in innovation and new technology (what Harkness calls 'big science'); John Dee talks to apothecaries; William Gilbert shows his prototype compass to Plat; herbalist John Gerard behaves scandalously towards his publishers and editor; Walter Raleigh consorts with metallurgists and old soldiers in an attempt to come up with new weapons of war and fills his days in the Tower by corresponding with scientists and inventors; Gabriel Harvey writes about mathematicians and surveyors; Clement Draper spends over a decade in a debtor's prison corresponding, writing and even experimenting in alchemy.
It also documents their failure to produce any lasting contributions, unlike the less accomplished outsider, John Gerard, whose fame lay principally in publication and by whose mediocrity they were eclipsed.
The glamorous Jesuit, John Gerard, before climbing onto the rope to escape from the Tower, tried to slide down "a bundle of books and other things" wrapped in his cloak (Autobiography, trans.
Gerard Patrick Connolly, 23, of Sheancastle Park, Quarryvale, Clondalkin, and 38-year-old John Gerard Hackett, of Whitechurch Road, Rathfarnham, appeared before a special sitting of Gorey District Court.
John Gerard in his "Herbal," published in 1633, was well versed in the uses of plants to brighten the mind and heal the body.
Dempster was married twice, first to Countess Emma Magdalende Bendern, a daughter of Count John Gerard de Bendern, and then to Lady Camilla Osborne, daughter of the 11th Duke of Leeds.