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Hay, John:

see Tweeddale, John Hay, 2d earl and 1st marquess ofTweeddale, John Hay, 2d earl and 1st marquess of,
1626–97, Scottish statesman.
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Hay, John (Milton)

(1838–1905) journalist, historian, poet, diplomat; born in Salem, Ind. After working in a law office next to Abraham Lincoln's in Springfield, Ill., he served President Lincoln in the White House as assistant private secretary from 1861–65 in a close relationship that has been described as resembling that of father and son. He then served at diplomatic posts in Paris (1865–76), Vienna (1867–68), and Madrid (1869–70). His widely-known ballads were collected in Pike County Ballads (1871), and from 1870–75 he was staff editorial writer at the New York Tribune. After serving as assistant secretary of state (1879–81), he completed with George Nicolay his monumental Abraham Lincoln: A History (1890), making him a sort of political poet laureate. In 1897 he was successful as ambassador to Britain. As secretary of state (1898–1905), Hay authored the Open Door policy, instituted regular press conferences, and paved the way for the building of the Panama Canal, making his office and American foreign policy of worldwide influence.
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John Hay, who did not know me except as a young Westerner who had written poems in the Atlantic Monthly, asked me how I would like Venice, and promised that they would have the salary put up to a thousand a year, under the new law to embarrass privateers.
Ang labanan talaga dito sa John Hay ay putting at paramihan ng birdies.
Kenneth Bill, 63, is accused of luring Fenay Bridge builder John Hay to an empty industrial unit at Meltham Mills, Meltham, in March on the pretext of having some work for him to do.
former vice president of the John Hay Management Corp.
After a week-long break to ease the pain of a final round debacle at Solaire Open, Angelo Que will be seeking redemption as he joins the ICTSI Camp John Hay Championship starting tomorrow at John Hay Golf Club in Baguio City.
Kenneth Bill, 63, is alleged to have hatched an elaborate plan to lure John Hay to an industrial unit in Meltham, Huddersfield, by pretending to be a prospective customer for the self-employed builder.
The Supreme Court has ruled in favor of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in a dispute with the group of businessman Robert John Sobrepena over the sale of what the corporate regulator deemed as 'securities' with condominium-hotel (condotel) units in Camp John Hay as underlying assets.
Baguio City -- The Philippine Corporate Cup, the country's premier tournament for corporate executives, celebrates its 26th edition with another big tournament for regular and seniors on March 10-13 at the Camp John Hay Golf Club.
Bill, of Thongsbridge, is said to have admitted trying to destroy the body of former police officer John Hay, 61, but insisted his death was either an accident or self-defence.
More than 20 candidates are expected to visit the presidential Mansion, Camp John Hay and the Philippine Military Academy.
Baguio City - The national government, as well as the city government are hoping to resolve the multi-billion peso case against the lease rentals of Camp John Hay Development Corporation (CJHDevCo) led by Robert SobrepeAaAaAeA~
A 63-YEAR-OLD man will stand trial in September accused of murdering missing Fenay Bridge builder John Hay (above).