John Howard

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Howard, John,

1726–90, English prison reformer. He had great influence in improving sanitary conditions and securing humane treatment in prisons throughout Europe. He was responsible (1774) for persuading the House of Commons to enact a set of penal reform acts.


See biographies by M. Southwood (1958) and D. L. Howard (1963).

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Denominational and congregational resources were being channeled into the rehabilitation of John Howard Yoder, but no comparable endeavor addressed the spiritual and emotional needs of women who had been harmed.
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John Howard Yoder, the Christian pacifist theologian, whose seminal writings on pacifism locate the rejection of violence in the narrative of Jesus of Nazareth, could say that the Jewish-Christian schism "did not have to be." The introductory section of this footnote on Jesus sets the context for the points I want to make via a brief sketch of the arguments of Yoder and Boyarin.
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