John Howard

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Howard, John,

1726–90, English prison reformer. He had great influence in improving sanitary conditions and securing humane treatment in prisons throughout Europe. He was responsible (1774) for persuading the House of Commons to enact a set of penal reform acts.


See biographies by M. Southwood (1958) and D. L. Howard (1963).

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NOTE: A Memorial Service for John Howard will be held on Saturday, August 29, starting 11 A.
I think for him to serve for another decade, even John Howard might start to get a bit tired then.
The posthumous publication of Her mirage Journals, Scattered Shadows, and Bonazzi's Man in the Mirror allows us a privileged look into the quality and greatness of John Howard Griffin's heart.
This provoked demonstrations, and criticism even from former Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, under whom John Howard had served as Treasurer.
If it's proven that John Howard has lied, then he should go.
In Men Like That: A Southern Queer History, John Howard goes well beyond providing a fascinating case study of Mississippi gay life from 1945 to 1985.
Instead John Howard plays with the issue of reconciliation and mandatory sentencing in ways to suit his agenda.
Prime Minister John Howard made the announcement in Bali following talks with Indonesian President B.
And gave a landslide election victory to his conservative and royalist rival, John Howard.
CHICAGO -- Award-winning journalist Hanke Gratteau has been named executive director of The John Howard Association of Illinois (JHA) , the leading advocate for prison reform in the Midwest.
UNSW Australia will house the papers of former Prime Minister John Howard, who today announced the transfer of his collection to the University through a unique partnership with the National Archives of Australia.
The body of shopkeeper John Howard Mitchinson, 54, was discovered in the garden of an unoccupied holiday home over the weekend.