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Maclean, John


Born Aug. 14, 1879; died Oct. 30, 1923. Figure inthe workers’ movement of Great Britain. Teacher by profession.

MacLean joined the Social Democratic Federation in 1903. He maintained an internationalist position during World War I. Active in the movement of the unemployed in Scotland and in the major strike in Glasgow in 1915, he was one of the leaders of the left wing of the British Socialist Party. In 1915 he was editor of the socialist journal Vanguard, which was published in Glasgow. He organized a number of antiwar activities (strikes, demonstrations, and meetings) and participated in the shop steward movement. He was persecuted by the authorities, and served time in prison. He withdrew from active political work during his last years.

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Elwell and her husband, David of Auburn; four grandchildren: Nicholas & Ryan MacKoul and Heather & Samuel Elwell; a sister, Mary Turner of Lancaster; two brothers: John MacLean and his wife, Ann, of Trenton, Ontario, and Kenneth MacLean and his wife, Judith, of Lancaster; many nieces, nephews, and close friends.
Sadly, putting him behind bars does nothing but burnish his laughable selfimage as a great socialist hero, like jailed Red Clydesider John Maclean.
In 1927, John MacLean Junior left his stock and bond position and joined the company.
After the case Detective Constable John Maclean, of Middlesbrough CID, said: "Police are happy with the sentence passed by the court.
John MacLean, 75, of Kielder Gardens, Jarrow, said: "It will be a great shame if we can no longer use the dance floor.
John Maclean, owner of the Cowbridge Bookshop, who has lived in the area for 35 years, welcomed the proposal.
Headteacher John Maclean said: "The pupils are looking forward to this experience.
Mr Sheridan wore a red MacLean tartan kilt in tribute to legendary Scottish Socialist leader John MacLean.
OEMs can achieve significant time-to-market and cost advantages using Plexus' efficient and effective product design and re-engineering capabilities, which are based on cutting-edge technologies such as the Transmeta processors," said John MacLean, manager of the Plexus Design Center in Livingston.
e band also created a song for the lm Slow West, written and directed by Dave's brother John Maclean and Dave established his own label, Kick and Clap.
before becoming a pop star Now musician turned director John Maclean is heading back to the cinema - but this time as an award-winning film director.
She also leaves cousins: Ann, wife of Marvin Degon, Bart Gunderman, and his late wife Patricia, Isabelle, wife of Robert Vrusho, Catherine, wife of James Reid, and Edward Gunderman; a cousin, Mary and her husband John MacLean, who predeceased her.