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McCarthy, John

(1927–  ) mathematician, computer specialist; born in Boston, Mass. He was affiliated with Dartmouth (1955–58), the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1958–62), and Stanford (1962). He is considered one of the fathers of artificial intelligence, having developed the programming language LISP (1958–62), and he helped develop ALGOL. He also did early work in robotics (1969).
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McCarthy, John


Born Sept. 4, 1927, in Boston. American scientist; specialist in computer theory, mathematical logic, computer programming languages, and the artificial intellect.

In 1948, McCarthy graduated from the California Institute of Technology. He worked at research and educational centers at Princeton, Dartmouth, and Stanford and at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. In 1962 he became a professor at Stanford University. He is the author of one of the programming languages (LISP) that is used in solving a number of complex problems on computers. He is a member of numerous scientific associations involved with computer theory and methods of computation.


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John McCarthy

(person, artificial intelligence)
A pioneer of artificial intelligence (he coined ther term). He invented Lisp at MIT in the late 1950s and later worked at SAIL.

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