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Mitchel, John


Born Nov. 3, 1815, in Dungiven, County Londonderry; died Mar. 20, 1875, in Newry, County Down. Leading figure in the Irish liberation movement.

Mitchel joined the Repeal Association and the patriotic society Young Ireland, and in 1846 promoted the breakaway of radical elements from the compromise wing of the Association, headed by Daniel O’Connell. In 1847 he was one of the organizers of the Irish Confederation, in which he put forward the idea of freeing the country by revolutionary means. Mitchel called for the preparation of an armed uprising against English rule. Influenced by Utopian socialism, he advocated an alliance with the English Chartists.

On May 27, 1848, Mitchel was sentenced by an English court to 14 years’ hard labor in Tasmania. In 1853 he escaped and fled to the United States, where he continued to take part in the Irish national liberation movement. In the last years of his life he made numerous trips to his homeland to carry on propaganda. Mitchel’s works on Irish history significantly contributed to the development of a democratic trend in Irish historiography.


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