John Morrison

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Morrison, John


Born Jan. 29, 1904, in Sunderland, England. Australian writer.

The son of an English worker, Morrison emigrated to Australia in 1923. He worked as a docker, factory worker, and gardener. Morrison’s first works appeared in 1936. In 1947 he published the collection of stories Sailors Belong on Ships. His collections Black Cargo, and Other Stories (1955) and Twenty-three Stories (1962) established his reputation as a major short-story writer. Morrison is the author of the novels The Creeping City (1949), about life in a rural settlement, and Port of Call (1950). In the tradition of socialist realism, Morrison exposes a society hostile to the interests of the workers, while he praises proletarian solidarity and internationalism.


In Russian Translation:
In the collection Avstraliiskie rasskazy. Moscow, 1958.
Bilet i drugie rasskazy. Moscow, 1964.


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