John Nash

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Nash, John,

1752–1835, English architect; pupil of Sir Robert TaylorTaylor, Sir Robert,
1714–88, English architect. The son of a stonemason, he began his career as a sculptor's apprentice and was later employed to carve the pediment of Mansion House in London. He then turned to architecture and built up a successful practice.
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. After enjoying an extensive practice in Wales, he began to work c.1792 in London. His capacities were greatest in town planning, and he is chiefly known for his boldly planned development of the Marylebone region of London. His scheme, as put into execution in 1818, comprehended Regent St., with its Quadrant, and Regent's Park, with its terraces and surrounding streets of formally designed town houses. Nash also designed the Haymarket theater and remodeled Buckingham Palace. He was one of the initiators of the neoclassic Regency styleRegency style,
in English architecture, flourished during the regency and reign of George IV (1811–30) and was chiefly represented by the court architect John Nash. The period is characterized by the diversity of the architectural styles of many countries and periods.
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See studies by Sir John Summerson (2d ed. 1950) and T. Davis (new ed. 1968, repr. 1973).

Nash, John

Planned Regent Park and Regent Street, London, as a picturesque scheme. He also designed the Brighton Pavilion (1815) for the Prince of Wales in a mixture of Indian, Chinese, and Gothic styles.
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