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Northrop, John (Howard)

(1891–1987) biochemist; born in Yonkers, N.Y. He spent most of his career pursuing viral and enzyme research at the Rockefeller Institute (later University) (1924–61), with time out to serve as professor of bacteriology at the University of California: Berkeley (1949–58). During the 1930s, he and his colleagues isolated the enzymes trypsin and chymotrypsin. In 1939 he was the first to isolate a bacterial virus, and in 1940 he crystallized diphtheria antitoxin. He shared the Nobel Prize in chemistry (1946).

Northrop, John (Knudsen)

(1895–1981) aircraft designer; born in Newark, N.J. He worked for both the Douglas and Lockheed corporations before forming Northrop Aircraft Inc., in 1939. His airplane designs included the Vega, the A-17 attack plane, and the P-61 night fighter. He retired in 1952 but continued to consult with Northrop.
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It is not hard to see why Land Warrior has run into trouble, said John Northrop, a technical consultant who works with the General Dynamics Eagle Enterprise team.
29ft tower is sand-tastic SCULPTOR Ed Jarrett, right, and engineer John Northrop stand proudly beside the world's tallest sandcastle in Maine, USA.
John Northrop, of the Pay and Workforce Research body, is the second speaker at the conference and will outline how working practices also have to change in line with greater flexibility of hours and improved conditions.
John Northrop, of NHS pay and conditions experts PWR, said: "Ironically it is likely that the trusts who are slow to introduce flexible working are making use of agencies who are providing flexible working but at a considerable price."