John Richard Green

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John Richard Green
BirthplaceOxford, England
Clergyman, historian, librarian
Known for Work as a historian

Green, John Richard


Born Dec. 12. 1837, in Oxford; died Mar. 7, 1883, in Mentone. English positivist historian.

Green was the author of the Short History of the English People (1874; Russian translation, fascs. 1–3, 1897–1900), which was later expanded into the four-volume History of the English People (1877–80; Russian translation, vols. 1–4, 1891–92). His works, which gave a liberal, nationalistic interpretation of the historical process, were the first attempt at a synthetic elucidation of the history of the social and cultural development of England. Marx used A History of the English People for his study of the history of England (see Arkhiv Marksa i Engel’sa, vol. 8, Moscow. 1946).

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John Richard Green (1837-1883), who was a devoted clergyman before he became a historian, struggled all his life against the ill-health which finally cut short his career.
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