John Sobieski

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Sobieski, John:

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(John Sobieski) , 1624–96, king of Poland (1674–96), champion of Christian Europe against the Ottomans. Born to an ancient noble family, he was appointed (1668) commander of the Polish army.
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, king of Poland.
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Johannes Hevelius (1611-1687) named the constellation Scutum Sobieski, "the Shield", in 1683 to celebrate King John Sobieski of Poland, who successfully defended his country against the Otoman Empire.
Charles Martel, John Sobieski, Pelayo, Rodrigo de Vivar (El Cid), and the other great Christian defenders of Europe against 1,200 years of Mohammedan aggression must be already turning in their graves at the thought of such betrayal.
One of Hevelius's new constellations, Scutum Sobieski, or Sobieski's Shield, saluted Poland's John Sobieski, King John III, who resisted the Turkish advance into Europe.