John Thomas Dunlop

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Dunlop, John Thomas


Born July 5, 1914, in Placer-ville, California. American economist. Ph.D., 1939. Professor of economics since 1950. Member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences since 1959.

After graduating from the University of California in 1935, Dunlop taught at Stanford University in 1936–37 and at Harvard University from 1938 to 1945. He has written about the problems of labor and wages. In his historical constructions he ignores the objective laws of the fluctuation of wages in capitalist conditions. As a supporter of the so-called collective-bargaining system, he tries to prove that wages are actually determined through collective bargaining, by an agreement between the workers and the capitalists.


Wage Determination Under Trade Unions, 2nd ed. Oxford, 1950.
Collective Bargaining: Principles and Cases. Homewood (111.), 1953.
The Theory of Wage Determination. London-New York, 1957.