Johann Zoffany

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Zoffany, Johann

(yō`hän zŏf`ənē), 1735–1810, English painter. After 12 years of study in Italy, Zoffany settled in England. He frequently painted conversation pieces, domestic tableaux filled with detailed, animated figures (see portraitureportraiture,
the art of representing the physical or psychological likeness of a real or imaginary individual. The principal portrait media are painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. From earliest times the portrait has been considered a means to immortality.
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), that were influenced by HogarthHogarth, William,
1697–1764, English painter, satirist, engraver, and art theorist, b. London. At the age of 15 he was apprenticed to a silver-plate engraver. He soon made engravings on copper for bookplates and illustrations—notably those for Butler's Hudibras
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. His major full-length portraits include Mrs. Oswald (National Gall., London).
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This is particularly true and ironic in the case of John Zoffany's painting Mr and Mrs Warren Hastings, (1783-87).
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