Johnny Weissmuller

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Johnny Weissmuller
Peter Johann Weißmüller
BirthplaceFreidorf, Temes County, Kingdom of Hungary, Austro-Hungarian Empire (now Romania)

Weissmuller, (Peter John) Johnny

(1904–84) swimmer, actor; born in Windber, Pa. He attended schools in Chicago and the University of Chicago, and during the 1920s was the best all-around amateur swimmer in the U.S.A. After winning three gold medals in the 1924 Olympics and two more at the 1928 Games, he parlayed his celebrity in a career as a movie actor. (Hollywood publicists would later claim he was born in Hungary but had hidden this fact in order to compete for the U.S. Olympic team.) After appearing in some short subjects and swimming extravaganzas, he starred in 12 Tarzan movies in the 1930s and early 1940s including Tarzan, the Ape Man (1932); when he was replaced by a younger actor, he made a series of Jungle Jim movies. He formed a swimming pool company and continued to make occasional appearances in trash films.
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But with almost 100 movies bearing his name, including a dozen by Johnny Weismuller who made the role his own from 1932-48, that's an average of almost one every year
But surely pride of place goes to Tarzan actor and three-time Olympic goldmedallist Johnny Weismuller, who never lost a race in his entire swimming career and used to tell other competitors they were fighting it out for second.
John Wayne and Johnny Weismuller, the famous movie Tarzan, acquired the Los Flamingos hotel, along with its "Hollywood pack" of regular guests.
Tambien vamos a acordamos del Acapulco de las nostalgias: de Caleta, del restaurante La Perla del hotel Mirador, de la Quebrada, de Johnny Weismuller, el legendario Tarzan que este enterrado en Acapulco; los centros nocturnos y las residencias del Acapulco de la decada de los cuarenta; del mural de Diego Rivera pintado en la casa de Lola Olmedo y de las canciones, de las peliculas, hoteles, restaurantes, centros nocturnos y de los platillos que se comen en la bahia.
Washington, Feb 20 (ANI): American pop-rock band Jonas Brothers have bought a new dazzling family compound in Hollywood Hills which is right next door to Jennifer Lopez's estate, and includes the former home of movie Tarzan Johnny Weismuller, which has laid empty for over 20 years.
She attracted the attention of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer talent scouts while appearing with swimming star and future "Tarzan" Johnny Weismuller in "Aquacade" during the San Francisco World's Fair.
He's 74, and lives in a refuge in Palm Springs, evidentially outlasting his film partner, Johnny Weismuller by some 23 years (and counting).
IT'S a long time since Frank Sinatra first crooned that Acapulco Bay would be perfect for a flying honeymoon (they say) and the Hollywood Gang of John Wayne, Errol Flynn and Johnny Weismuller kicked off the resort's jet-setting status by buying Los Flamingos Hotel in 1950.
Did you know:That Johnny Weismuller died a month after Jim Pierce who was the last surviving silent actor to play Tarzan.
An interview with a quizmaster is peppered with questions from both sides ( film star Johnny Weismuller won Olympic medals at swimming and which other sport?
The 25p stamp shows swimmer Johnny Weismuller, the 1924 Olympics hero from the USA who went on to make his name in films as Tarzan, King of the Jungle, a part for which his superb physique suited him perfectly.
Los jovenes abrieron boca con la laguna Tres Palos (a 20 minutos del puerto), escenario natural de numerosas peliculas, desde el Tarzan encarnado por Johnny Weismuller hasta Rambo, cuyo protagonista, Sylvester Stallone, dedicaba los descansos a asolearse y devorar mariscos.