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see violetviolet,
common name for some members of the Violaceae, a family of chiefly perennial herbs (and sometimes shrubs, small trees, or climbers) found on all continents. Violets, including the genus Viola
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Choose from the traditional, large, funny-faced hybrids to the single-colored, faceless types, down to the tiny johnny-jump-ups.
The petals themselves -- including blossoms of larkspur and Johnny-jump-ups, daisies and verbena, wild rose and sunflower -- are purchased from local gardeners in Richfield and a contract grower in Chandler, Ariz.
Has: ladybells, daisies, Johnny-jump-ups, marigolds, assorted annuals and perennials, shrub cuttings, rooted thyme and mint, assorted tree seeds or sprouts, heirloom tomatoes
The youngsters each filled two six-packs with fertilized potting soil, then planted seeds in each container, watered them and inserted identifying markers to label them as tomatoes, lettuce, Johnny-jump-ups, cosmos, marigolds and sweet peas - all under the eye of Tina Rovito Bemis, co-owner of Bemis Farms.
Go nose-to-nose with goats and their babies in the pasture, inhale the fresh sweetness as you milk a goat, and watch artisans decorate a cheese button with Johnny-jump-ups and calendula petals from the garden.