Johnson, Hugh Samuel

Johnson, Hugh Samuel,

1882–1942, American army officer, government administrator, b. Fort Scott, Kans. After graduation (1903) from West Point, he entered the U.S. army as a second lieutenant. In World War I he formulated (1917) plans for selective service in the U.S. army, administered the draft, and served on the War Industries Board. Johnson resigned (1919) from the army as brigadier general and became a business executive. He was summoned (1933) to Washington, D.C., to help formulate the National Industrial Recovery Act, and after its passage he served (1933–34) as head of the National Recovery AdministrationNational Recovery Administration
(NRA), in U.S. history, administrative bureau established under the National Industrial Recovery Act of 1933. In response to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt's congressional message of May 17, 1933, Congress passed the National Industrial
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