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Task Force


(1) A temporary consolidation of troops along a specific operational axis fulfilling the same operational mission. Depending on the situation and nature of the mission, the task force may include several large and small units and various means of reinforcement. During the Great Patriotic War (1941–45), task forces were formed during operations on broad fronts and in difficult terrain where the conditions of the situation complicated organization and maintenance of control and coordination among different groupings operating on different axes.

(2) Liaison party, a group of officers with means of communication who are sent to neighboring forces or staffs to maintain coordination with them or to subordinate units to direct certain groupings of forces.

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The problem with joint task forces, however, is that they are complicated to set up, according to Army Maj.
There, they study how to organize joint task forces, deploy them and withdraw them.
Other exercises scheduled for this year include an integration event, Combined Joint Task Force Exercise 04-2, in June; another horizontal exercise in August; and a vertical exercise, Unified Endeavor/ Fuertes Defensas 04, in September.
Several months ago the two stations organized a joint task force to coordinate efforts, but results were mixed.
Under this $79,682,532 contract, CAI will provide support services to the JRTC and will offer advanced collective training to Joint Task Forces.
JRTC is a premier training facility for advanced collective training for Joint Task Forces.

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