Joint venture

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Joint venture

A legal arrangement in which two or more parties undertake to share the risks and rewards of a project on an agreed upon basis.

joint venture

A collaborative undertaking by two or more persons or organizations for a specific project (or projects) having many of the legal characteristics of a partnership.
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an organization that operated hospitals in central Texas through a joint venture with a for-profit healthcare company, was entitled to exempt status under Sec.
Clariant, Easton, MD, a global specialty chemicals company, has signed an agreement to form a joint venture with Sang Ho Mercantile Co.
Deposits on pagers have been received from 50,000 subscribers to the first phase, and the 1,000 subscribers whose pagers had been activated by January 31 have paid their full fee to the joint venture.
Duhamel emphasizes cooperation through international joint ventures with local partners.
Virtually any manufacturer partner in a joint venture can find enough good uses for the cash to more than justify its equity investment.
98-15 is the extent to which its analysis will be applied to joint ventures that are not whole hospital joint ventures.
If the joint venture enters into a management agreement, the terms and conditions of such agreement should be reasonable and comparable to what other management firms receive for similar services at similarly situated hospitals.
Parent and FP have agreed to combine their respective B operations into a worldwide joint venture to develop, manufacture and market B products.
No official program has been announced for the Red Hill joint venture with Placer Domes U.
where the Joint Venture has identified 5 diamondiferous kimberlites.
Following completion of the projects, the joint ventures brought an action in U.

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