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The intuition that the story is set in our own contemporary world--Saunders' brand of realism--is joltingly suspended when the mechanism of the Semplica Girls' acquiescence is revealed.
A blistering ball of restlessness, he proclaims, 'I'm going for a run,' and the camera joltingly follows as he circles around, shirtless, accelerating when he exclaims, 'Someone's chasing me
It is not a systematic survey that exhaustively or evenly proceeds through the ages, but rather a thematic overview that relies on "case studies" and jumps, sometimes joltingly, forward in time.
Then he became more circumspect, joltingly so in fact for someone of his tender years.
It continued with two car accidents, a joltingly sudden and graphic knife attack, and to top things off, a torture sequence.
HIS PERformances remain, though, and they are joltingly alive.