Jan Karol Chodkiewicz

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Chodkiewicz, Jan Karol


Born 1560; died Sept. 24, 1621, in Khotin. Polish-Lithuanian military leader and state figure.

In 1596, Chodkiewicz helped suppress S. Nalivaiko’s cossack and peasant uprising in the Ukraine. He became a Lithuanian vice-hetman in 1600 and fought in the Polish-Swedish war of 1600–11. In 1602, Chodkiewicz assumed command of the troops in the Baltic region and proceeded to win a number of victories; at Kirchholm (now Salaspils), his 4,000 soldiers defeated 11,000 Swedes. In 1605 he became the Lithuanian grand hetmán, and in 1607 he led the suppression of M. Zebrzydowski’s rokosz (rebellion). In 1611 and 1612 and in 1617 and 1618 he commanded the Polish-Lithuanian troops during the intervention in Russia. In 1616, Chodkiewicz became wojewoda (military governor) of Vilnius. During the war with Turkey, after the crushing defeat of S. Zółkiewski’s troops at Tsetsora in 1620, he took command of the troops and successfully fought off the Turks at Khotin. Chodkiewicz died in a battle that ended in victory for the Polish troops.

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